Garage Door Openers Mesa Arizona

Belt Drive

Sturdy rubber like belt is used in belt drives to open and close the garage doors mesa. Our technicians are trained especially to fix the belt drive as per clients’ satisfaction.

Benefits of Belt Drive

1) It is considered to be the quieter types of drives.
2) It offers long lasting service, best in quality and it as lifetime belt warranty.

Chain Drive - Garage Door Openers Mesa Arizona

Chain Drive

These chain drives which looks similar to bicycle chain uses metal chain to open and close the garage doors. FHR professionals are well verse in handling the chain drives.

Benefits of Chain Drive

1) Most affordable than other two types of drive openers. Therefore customers purchase this type of drive more often.

Screw Drive

Screw Drive

Here we utilize long, sturdy metal rod to handle the garage doors mesa. All of our opener brand comes along with wide range of features, durability and performance. Our products have extended lifetime since they are manufactured using innovative program designs.

Benefits of Screw Drive

1) Have few moving parts that need maintenance or repair.
2) Are typically noisier than belt drives.


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Garage Door Openers Mesa Arizona –FHR Garage Door Opener services from Mesa offers Belt Drive, Chain Drive, Screw Drive and other Garage Door Openers Services Mesa.

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